The science of beer is quite simple: Malts, Hops, and Water. Our ability to combine these ingredients in a very complex way is what keeps people coming back to Welltown. We believe it is our beer that serves as the foundation of new conversations.


Porch Party Pilsner

Crisp and refreshing with a citrusy taste. This beer is light and easy to drink.
4.3% ABV / 10 IBUs

Berry Bliss Blackberry Sour

A wheat-based sour ale with loads of blackberries. Expect a punchy berry ale that's quite blissful.
5.4% ABV / 1 IBU

Tasty Treats Apricot Gose

Our Tasty Treats is a real treat! Sour gose with apricots added for a salty sweet taste!
5.4% ABV / 1 IBU

Sandy Jorts Tropical IPA

Our OG IPA is back! A tropical west coast style IPA loaded with summery taste and intense hop vibes. Expect hints of melon, pineapple, resin, and pine.
6.8% ABV / 70 IBU

Beer Bath Saison

Farmhouse Ale with chinook hops for a bright, earthy flavor. Hints of fruit, black pepper, and lemon.
7.0% ABV / 42 IBUs

Sour Cloudy Dreams NEIPA

We took our Cloudy Dreams NEIPA and mix fermented it with our souring culture, added a heavy dose of strawberry puree for an intense beer with tropical fruit flavor including citrus and mango.
5.4% ABV / 40 IBUs

Caribbean Queen Stout

Dark heavy stout brewed with a lager yeast similar to the style brewed in the Caribbean. The yeast brings a fruit component which pairs well with the robust stout style.
7.5% ABV / 41 IBUs

NutTown Brown Ale

Classic Brown Ale with the addition of 65 lbs. of local pecans that add a nutty rich finish.
5.9% ABV / 30 IBUs

Cloudy Dreams NEIPA

A remix of our original cloudy dreams. This beer is heavily dry hopped with citra and el dorado hops. It’s like drinking a pillow of tangerines and mangoes. 6.0% ABV / 35ish IBUs

Harvest Moon Amber Ale

Classic Brown Ale with the addition of 65 lbs. of local pecans that add a nutty rich finish.
5.9% ABV / 30 IBUs

Siesta Cerveza

Esta cerveza es muy deliciosa! Es como una fiesta en tu boca! (It’s good) *Served with a lime. 8.0% ABV / 15 IBUs

Citrus Skyline Wheat Ale

A classic American wheat ale accompanied by a generous portion of coriander and a plethora of zestily hand juiced oranges. 250 to be exact. 5.2% ABV / 20 IBUs

Summer Storm Session IPA

A refreshing IPA with a blast of amarillo and mosaic hops. Earthy, piney and citrusy all at once. 4.5% ABV / 50 IBUs