Our Story

Big building, big dreams.

It all began with a hop.

Humble beginnings. In a mid-town, single-car garage you would find a home brewer by the name Jordan O'dell throwing together various ingredients into an old used Anheuser Busch Keg that was retrofitted into a frankenstein home brewery set up. With careful attention to not burn down the garage, Jordan was focused on one thing and one thing only. Brewing beer that didn't suck. Jordan is a brewer that likes to think outside the normal beer box and is always trying to push the limits of what he can do.

Not too far down the road, a business minded individual was having his daily cup of Joe at Cirque Coffee Roasters when he met Jordan's brother Garret, owner. After copious amounts of caffeine and conversation, Jeremy Diamond, had made a connection that would eventually lead him to hire Jordan as the brewer for Welltown Brewing.

The two individuals eventually crossed paths and now Jeremy and Jordan are the creative minds that put that Tasty Welltown Beverage in your glass.

Then we went ale out.

Building a brewery is one thing... but building a brewery in a century old building in a new hole ball of wax. Both Jeremy and Jordan had some previous building experience, but none of which would have prepared them for a 15 month buildout that seemed would never end. Task after task, concrete cutting after more concrete cutting... they got closer and closer to opening the brewery doors. It wasn't until June 22nd, 2017 when they finally opened the doors of the brewery.

Now we are lager than life

We really want to strive to be different. Whether its Jordan experimenting with an odd beer recipe or Jeremy wanting to act in some crazy brewery video... Welltown Brewing does all it can to think outside the box. Become a brand that leads instead of follow.

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